Zena Halpern

The Templar Mission to Oak Island and Beyond

The Templar Mission to Oak Island

Quotes from Zena Halpern’s readers:

“I could not stop reading this book…”

“Thank you to all that helped share this journal.”

“The evidence that Ms. Halpern presents is truly surprising.”

“I think you’ll be highly impressed by this story 2000 years in the making.”

“A wonderful work of major historic importance.”


zena-halpern-bookZena Halpern has spent more than a
decade chasing down a fascinating story that has the potential to change history as we know it. It is the story, both of a secret 12th century Knights Templar mission to Oak Island and a mountain range in New York State, and of the efforts made by various secret societies over the centuries
to either conceal or uncover the reasons
for this mission.

Zena Halpern pulled together disparate evidence from unusual characters and researched other sources to prove or disprove this fascinating story.

This text is her life’s work. Some believe the story uncovered by her research to be a hoax. If so, it would be the most elaborate hoax in the history of hoaxes. And to what end? Who spends a century cobbling together false clues and fake artifacts just to have a laugh at an octogenarian’s expense?

Read on. Read her story. Read of the amazing journey to America by the medieval Templars. Read of the fascinating efforts over the centuries to both conceal the journey and later uncover its secrets. Read about the Vatican and the CIA—they all play a part in this adventure. Read about treasures and ciphers and betrayals, as well as Oak Island.

Her research is not complete, there’s perhaps 10% missing and unfortunately, now Zena is gone. There are still unanswered questions. But 90% will have to do.

A hoax? You be the judge.

Zena Halpern's Early Work

Zena Halpern worked with Gloria Farley and at the Atlantic Conference 2009, discussed the ancient Goddess Tanit and how depictions of this goddess are found in Mediterranean cultures and in the New World. Her interest early on was ancient seafaring. She investigated ancient harbors and sunken shipwrecks working with the Dr. Elisha Linder on the 5th century BCE ancient ship discovered off the coast of Israel in 1985. A replica of this ship will be launched in the Mediterranean in the coming months.

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