Templar Fortress on the Mediterranean Sea

The Templars constructed ancient harbors along the Mediterranean coast. Amazingly a Templar silver coin was found “in situ” by archaeologists in a 12th century Templar site on the coast of Israel.

What is fascinating is that the four arm Templar cross has two distinctive circles called “pellets’ within the arms. The silver coin is from the reign of Amalric, King of Jerusalem 1163-1174. These circles “pellets” on the four equal arm Templar cross (also called the pattee cross ) turn up in the most extraordinary places.

Zena Halpern

Professor Ephraim Stern was the lead investigator of the ancient harbor of Dor, the harbor of shipwrecks from the Bronze Age to the Byzantine. He and his team uncovered to the north a Templar fort, named Detroit ( today Atltit ) Stern found the silver Templar coin of King Almaric in an undisturbed layer among other Templar/Crusader coins. It is the unique and different design of the Templar cross barely noticeable of two “pellets” that leads to the recovery of an unknown chapter involving Templars, Merovingians and Oak Island.

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